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We have access to the BEST Edibles in Washington DC! If you’re not familiar with them, edibles are yummy foods made with cannabis flowers or concentrates. With the amazing advancements in the culinary world, vendors specializing in cannabis food items have the ability to create edibles with the use of high-quality distillate oil. You can find a wide variety of gummies, brownie bars, rice crispy bars, and other treats with THC and CBD that provides a relaxing experience.

Client Testimonial: I’ve eaten edibles from over 5 different vendors in DC and the DC420Club.com definitely had the best quality! Not only was it potent, but it was also tasty and professionally packaged. If you’re looking for edibles in DC, I’d highly recommend this vendor!

High Quality DC Edibles

The team at DC 420 Club produces the best weed in DC which is then used to produce distillate or rosin, which is then added to edible treats! All of the edibles are made from high-quality ingredients which are locally-sourced to ensure the best-tasting product.

Each edible has approximately 100mg+ which means you’ll need to carefully dose it out if you’re a beginner, but for the experienced user, an entire edible is a walk in the park. Edibles can be made from the following cannabis concentrates:

  • Distillate
  • Cannabutter
  • Rosin
  • Shatter

It’s important you receive edible gifts from reputable vendors, like DC420Club.com, which has an extensive experience with weed in DC.


If you’re interested in getting a free edible gift in Washington DC, please text the team at DC420Club.com so you can schedule a pickup or delivery. Please note, you must be at least 21 years old to use our service and receive gifts.

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