• June 13, 2022
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Why rosin gummies are a serious upgrade in DC

THC gummies are only as good as the extract within them. Different plant compounds, like THC and terpenes, work together to create unique effects, but cheaper-made gummies use THC distillate, so we highly recommend the rosin gummies which can be found here at DC 420 Club!

Distillate based edibles will do the job, but rosin gummies are a notch above, making them higher quality gummies. The solventless, low-heat extraction process preserves key elements of the plant, including minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds that typically don’t survive the traditional extraction process. Since rosin takes that extra level of love and attention to produce, you might not have even seen them on the market, but the team at DC 420 Club, is one of the first in DC to offer rosin gummies.

Rosin gummies include all the important cannabis compounds to create a quality experience that’ll meet the high standards of any connoisseur in the DC area.

Please text the team at DC 420 Club to learn more about rosin gummies!